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Information for Delegations 

Parents / guardians, Catholic school supporters, the general public and media are always welcome to attend public board and committee meetings. Delegations are allowed to address the Board in accordance with Delegations and Public Participation Policy T.14. Please be advised of the limitations of the policy. 

Procedures for Del​egations 

If you would like more information about delegations procedures (how to register to speak at a board or committee meeting, what happens once you speak at a meeting, etc), please visit Procedures for De​legations


Anyone wishing to address the full Board of Trustees must register by completing an online Delegation Registration Form. 

Important Note

Potential delegates shall submit a Delegation Registration Form and Written Submission (verbatim speech, which should be separate from any possible PowerPoint presentation/supporting materials) to the Recording Secretary’s Office no later than 12:00pm, two (2) business days preceding the meeting at which the individual or group intends to delegate. The chart below provides a timeframe for submissions.

​If the meeting is on:​​ ​The Delegation Registration Form MUST be submitted by: 
​Monday ​Thursday at 12:00pm
​Tuesday Friday at 12:00pm​
​Wednesday ​Monday at 12:00pm
​Thursday ​Tuesday at 12:00pm
​Friday ​Wednesday at 12:00pm
Delegations are invited to speak for up to 3 minutes during the first part of each session. Please note that all board meetings are videotaped and webcast live.